Features for vehicle rental Business Owners

Fleet Management: We allow you to showcase all vehicles, their features, specifications, and an image gallery.

Details: We allow you to showcase all the different vehicle options available. AutoRentz enables you to display details - like vehicle features, specificati ons and image gallery on each individual vehicle, giving an end user a clear and definite picture for vehicle they intend to rent out. By displaying a choice the customer comes to know, that they can contact you for subsequent reservations involving a different set of needs.

Add-on features: We are able to incorporate many add-on features in every reservation, to cater to unique needs of your clients.

Details: We are able to incorporate many add-on features to every reservation, giving you an opportunity to cater to the needs of your clients. These features include insurance, toll tax, airport pickup and drops, GPS facility, infant seat and child seat and many more, delivering the ultimate level of customization. Personalization comes across to the end customer as a luxury or a personal choice in the service, it gives the impression that the organization cares about the finer needs of the customer.

Ease of Implementation: AutoRentz is easy and practical to implement, enabling you to save time.

Details: Our software AutoRentz not just claims to be user-friendly, it is easy and practical to implement, it substantially reduces your workload and enables you to save time. This requires very limited knowledge of software to comprehend, yet stands out on the front of being both powerful as well as intelligent. AutoRentz is designed from a practical standpoint, hence known for its functional approach.

Support and Communication Services: We offer multi-channel support and a hassle-free clear line of communication through instant emails, phone, and SMS.

Details: We offer multi-channel support to our customers through emails, phone, and SMS. We believe in customer retention and hence pay special attention to establish for you a completely automated and hassle-free clear line of communication through instant email notifications. We give you the facility of instant Reservation or Cancellation communication through Emails and SMS to both customer and operator.

Seasonal custom pricing: We allow the flexibility to display seasonal custom pricing.

Details: We allow you to make the best of the season by giving you the flexibility to display seasonal custom pricing. This also enables you to utilize a differential pricing system to lure in customers during an offseason and through various promotional discounts, offers, and events. This feature enables you to be flexible giving you the capacity to assess the demands and trends of customer purchases allowing you to adjust to the current needs of the market.

SEO Optimization: We facilitate in creating a personalized SEO optimized website at affordable prices.

Details: Search Engine Optimization allows for owners to optimize their websites and in turn improve their search engine ranking. Good SEO practices pave the way for promotional activities as well as visibility on the social media platform. We facilitate in creating a selling point by building an SEO optimized custom website giving you a scope of personalization at an affordable price. We also offer dynamic features and web content management facilities.

Automatic Updates: We provide regular updates, seamlessly integrated across devices irrespective of implementation specifications.

Details: We provide regular updates that can be seamlessly integrated across devices irrespective of your initial implementation specifications. These automatic updates would be instantly incorporated as and when newer versions are released making sure your software is always up to date. With many new platforms like Smartwcm, businesses can keep their website up to date hands-free, however, it does require changes when there are browser version changes.

Secure Data storage: AutoRentz allows you a secure environment protects and provides real-time storage all your data on the cloud.

Details: AutoRentz allows you to sleep safely by providing a secure environment protecting all your data. We provide real-time data storage in the cloud. Hence AutoRentz guarantees the safety and security of your data. We host our application and data in the industry-leading Amazon Web Services, tested thoroughly for security and business continuity. Data loss damages are extremely expensive and in some cases can affect the survival of the business.

Fleet Variety: We cater to all automobile needs cars, limousines, campervan, bikes, boats, and trailers.

Details: People have different needs in different places and AutoRentz can make provision of all your vehicular needs in accordance with the niche requirements of your market. We can hence accommodate through AutoRentz all the distinct demands that a particular or multiple vehicle categories may need. AutoRentz looks at a website from a functional perspective and enables you to come up with practical solutions.

Greater Control: Allows you to control, display, supervise and restrict your available fleet.

Details: Allows you to control, display, supervise your available fleet and restrict those that are undergoing maintenance or otherwise unavailable, anytime from anywhere. This function also enables you to access real-time information on your fleet and make necessary arrangements for bulk orders. Strategic decisions and informed choices can be easily made and remotely operated, allowing you to make necessary arrangements.

Features for vehicle rental customers

Customer Communication: We believe in establishing a clear line of communication, through instant emails.

Details: We believe in keeping our customers informed, paying special attention to customers and focus on establishing a clear line of communication through instant email notifications regarding reservations, cancellations, delays or any promotional events. We understand that being in constant touch with the customer can increase the chances of attaining a loyal customer based on repeat purchase of services.

Integration of Payment: Easy online payment options, integration of Paypal and Stripe.

Details: With most of the financial transactions shift online, it is the need of the hour to integrate a payment portal within your website. AutoRentz caters to this functional necessity by integrating both Paypal and Stripe for online payments. Having a payment portal equipped site allows you to be prepared and available for payments round the clock. This feature guarantees both customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Quick and Easy quote: Final invoice inclusive of all charges is generated quickly, no hidden charges.

Details: We allow the customer to generate a quick and easy quote and after the invoice is generated. The final amount is generated which includes taxes and surcharges. This amount is also inclusive of any add-on feature a customer may opt for. Hence there are no hidden charges that crop up at the time of payment. This kind of transparency is well appreciated by customers.

Discounts for longer reservation: We boost promotional discounts to encourage customers to keep purchasing your services.

Details: We boost promotional discounts such as per day discounts for longer reservations.This encourages customers to avail of the facilities and keeps purchasing your automobile rental services. Other types of differential pricing can be availed of such as off-season pricing and offers. In todayís competitive environment, it is necessary to use every opportunity to make a sales pitch to acquire potential customers.

Customer and Guest checkout: We provide for both checkout for recurring customers and single time users.

Details: We plan for both a customer login as well as a guest login, catering to both recurring customers as well as single time users. This facility allows you store in some of your details for repeated use, making your work simpler and easier. This level of customization may seem as a small step, but goes a long way to assure the customer that the organization can be trusted with their needs and that they have gone the extra mile to make them comfortable.

Mobile Responsiveness: Our simple and user-friendly mobile platform allows the user to make travel plans on the go.

Details: A Responsive web design ensure that users have a good viewing experience irrespective of the device they use, though a relatively new approach it has become increasingly important over the last few years. We provide a Mobile friendly platform allowing the user to make travel plans and reservations on the go. Our mobile platform is extremely simple and user-friendly, it is exceptionally smooth to navigate and takes a step by step approach towards making your selections.

Secure Data: Amazon Web Services for secure data

Details: Ensuring that your data is secure is vital to business operations, as often data lost is lost forever. Data loss damages are extremely expensive and in some cases can affect the survival of the business. We host our application and data in the industry-leading Amazon Web Services, tested thoroughly for security and business continuity. Failing to safeguard your data, especially your strategies, pricing and customer list from competitors can prove detrimental to your business.

User-Friendly: AutoRentz makes for smooth navigation and easy to use.

Details: Time is of utmost importance, if a user canít easily locate his needs on the website, he will move on to the competitor. AutoRentz allows the user to browse through the entire fleet, access information on the vehicles you are interested in, check for discounts and bargains, basket your add-on features and get a clear price inclusive of taxes all in a matter of minutes. Being user-friendly and easy to navigate is essential for the successful customer retention.

A Secure Payment: We safeguard our customerís financial transactions.

Details: Great importance is given to the privacy of customers.With financial frauds and identity thefts rampant, we leave no stone unturned to ensure a customerís safety and security. Financial transactions and personal information are never divulged and at no point compromised. This carves an opportunity for customers to interact with you as and when they wish to do so. AutoRentz provides an option to add SSL(Secure Sockets Layer)/ TSL (Transport Layer Security), for fending off potential fraudulent activities.

Additional Features


We also enable you to efficiently maintain and create relationships with customers through an additional Customer Relationship Relationship (CRM) suite with AutoRentz.

  • Customer insight: Organization of customer profiles easily, based on contact details, communication history, support engagements, enabling you to have a 360-degree view.
  • Data collection and storage: CRM collect and store customer data. We also engage in automation of support and marketing, enabling employees to focus on their core competencies and allowing them to make informed decision based on the available data.
  • Data organization: Centralized and organized customer data management, customer communication, actionable tasks and tickets easily stored and retrieved.
  • Task tracking: Tasks and actionable items can be easily added in, assigned and tracked giving real-time data to the sales end.
  • User-friendly: Our CRM suite boasts of being, easy to use, navigate and with accessible tools, simple enough for employee use.
  • Knowledge Collaboration: Integrating and making data accessible across departments, resulting in collaborated knowledge creation and use.
  • Reach: Aides in sales, marketing campaigns, and support by reaching out to existing and potential customers through email and SMS


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