About Us

About us

AutoRentz, from Pagematics, helps you manage your automobile rental needs. We simplify the management and booking process by enabling you to take control of your fleet, customer reservations and streamlining the operations. AutoRentz is a dynamic and compelling product that is guaranteed to capture all your automobile rental scenarios. This platform is created with the sole intent of allowing you to automate processes while giving you the quality time needed to focus on your core competencies.

Understanding AutoRentz


We provide a clear line of communication through instant email notifications for all confirmed and non-confirmed reservations. We also help you manage your customers through our built-in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) suite, enabling you to contact customers during promotional events allowing you to stay in touch with them.


With a major volume of reservations generated online, we integrated Paypal and Stripe payment services.


Our Shared Ticketing system facility allocates each ticket to the right person for the job allowing you to resolve customer issues much faster.


AutoRentz integrates all possible rental scenarios, keeping in mind future customer requirement. All this is possible through our talented team is known for their dedication to quality delivery and quick turn around time, both essential for customer retention.