About AutoRentz

AutoRentz, from Pagematics, helps you manage your automobile rental needs. We simplify the management and booking process by enabling you to take control of your fleet, customer reservations and streamlining the operations. AutoRentz is a dynamic and compelling product that is guaranteed to capture all your automobile rental scenarios. This platform is created with the sole intent of allowing you to automate processes while giving you the quality time needed to focus on your core competencies.



Fleet Management

We allow you to showcase all vehicles, their features, specifications, and an image gallery.


Add-on features

We are able to incorporate many add-on features in every reservation, to cater to unique needs of your clients.


Ease of Implementation

AutoRentz is easy and practical to implement, enabling you to save time.


Support and Communication Services

We offer multi-channel support and a hassle-free clear line of communication through instant emails, phone, and SMS.


Seasonal custom pricing

We allow the flexibility to display seasonal custom pricing.


SEO Optimization

We facilitate in creating a personalized SEO optimized website at affordable prices.


Fleet Variety

We cater to all automobile needs cars, limousines, campervan, bikes, boats, and trailers.


Greater Control

Allows you to control, display, supervise and restrict your available fleet.

Additional features


We also enable you to efficiently maintain and create relationships with customers through an additional Customer Relationship Management (CRM) suite with AutoRentz.


Reinventing the concept of being simple yet powerful, being able to provide all necessary features to design and build a website.


Our approach

Building an online presence for your company increases your business opportunities. Your organization is seen to be more credible as well.

Taking your business online enables you to automate, speed up and improve the quality of all your communications, schedules, tasks and data, in a systematic manner.

Your business becomes searchable hence providing a direct demand to supply link. Being accessible to potential customers helps in improving your conversion rate.

This gives you an upper edge over your competition, personalized brand images tend to generate more revenue due to brand recognition by customers.

Shifting your business online gives you the opportunity to make strategic decisions anytime, anywhere, making a difference in your turnover.


  • Customer Communication: We believe in establishing a clear line of communication, through instant emails.

  • Integration of Payment: Easy online payment options, integration of Paypal and Stripe.

  • Quick and Easy quote Final invoice inclusive of all charges is generated quickly, no hidden charges.

  • Discounts for longer reservation: We boost promotional discounts to encourage customers to keep purchasing your services.

  • Customer and Guest logins: We provide for both logins for recurring customers and single time users.

  • Mobile Responsiveness: Our simple and user-friendly mobile platform allows the user to make travel plans on the go.

  • Secure Data: Amazon Web Services for secure data.

  • User-Friendly: AutoRentz makes for smooth navigation and easy to use.

  • Secure Payment: We safeguard our customerís financial transactions.